My Astro Journey

Tahia Lameer is a Vedic Astrologer based in Los Angeles, CA and is thrilled the stars have brought you here! Tahia is here to help understand life’s complex and difficult matters. Whatever you’re going through, she will assist you with how your life will grow and unfold, especially during times of crisis.

Tahia has been studying Vedic Astrology since 2004 and has been hooked ever since. Always a stargazer, this ancient astrology of India has mesmerized her since she first discovered its richness and complexity in understanding personal development and destiny.

A unique part of Tahia’s services is Pet Astrology! She has always been fascinated by the devotion and loyalty between pets and their owners, so in addition to understanding why we as humans get along (or don’t!), she became fascinated with the intuitiveness and dedication of the pet-parent dynamic. Understanding the bond with a pet and its owner can be another layer to understanding ourselves!

Contact Tahia to schedule an appointment to gaze at your stars and replace worry with wonder!