Mars Transits to Gemini

by | Oct 16, 2022

Mars transits to Gemini in the  nakshatra (star) of Mrigashira. Let’s look to the cosmos to see what this means!

What is Mars? Mars is the planet of action, anger, courage and passion.  It’s the commander of the army and loves to lead. Mars signifies our vitality and also represents land and real estate. Mars rules Aries (natural first house of the zodiac, the initiator) and Scorpio (natural eighth house, death and transformation).

What is Gemini? A mutable air sign, indicative of adaptability, duality, and communication; this is a very social sign! Being the natural third house of the zodiac, it’s about creativity and expressing yourself through your hands (ie, writing). Geminis love information; the big, the little, and everything in between. Quick witted, they can be fickle in nature due to their mercurial character and are skilled in speech.

What is Mrigashira? Represented by the head of the deer and ruled by the planet Mars, Mrigashira is portrayed by the hunter and a female warrior. Its deity is Soma (aka the Moon). Also called the star of searching, people born in this nakshatra are always looking for something. At a lower level, they could be searching for a collectible. At a higher level, they could be searching for the truth. Because of this pursuit, there is a lot of restlessness and inability in themselves, as they are always on the go to find something. This star lies in both the latter part of Taurus and the beginnings of Gemini. When this nakshatra is in Taurus, it has a Venusian influence and has an affinity for luxury; its search can be in the Venusian sphere (creativity, arts, music, beauty). When it is in Gemini, the dual and changeable Mercurian energy creates instability and inconsistency, so decisions here are not made with certainty and deliberation.

Putting this all together…….Mars in Gemini will heat up our communications, as we can be prone to make decisions out of anger and frustration, which in the long run won’t serve us a purpose. Energy can be scattered all over the place, where it’s hard to find a single point of focus.

Mars in Gemini is actually in its enemy sign (ruled by Mercury). Why are Mars and Mercury enemies? Remember to think of the agenda of the planets. Mars is about using logic and impulsivity to get ahead. As the general of the army, sometimes there is no time to think through ALL options, and one needs to be able to think on his feet to quickly make the best choice under the circumstances. Mercury, on the other hand, is ALL about taking in lots of information, analyzing it and being able to discriminate with the information given. So what these two planets do with information is very different. Mercury is more analysis paralysis and Mars charges ahead.

Keep in mind this a lot of Martian energy, as Mars will be in a nakshatra that it rules! But it will be pretty wobbly energy. Mars will be charging ahead, but not necessarily with its head on its shoulders. Decisions may be made in haste without thinking through all options. Mars will also be giving its fourth aspect to Mercury in Virgo, making this even more loaded when it comes to making decisions with health, healing, work and legal issues. This transit will be for about a month, as starting October 30, Mars will begin to retrograde back into Taurus, where it will turn direct on January 13, 2023. It will go back into Gemini on March 13, 2023. So just make sure what decisions you make in the short run will serve you well in the long haul.