New Moon Solar Eclipse

by | Oct 25, 2022

A partial new moon solar eclipse in Libra in Swati nakshatra (star) occurs on October 25, which signifies a powerful new beginning that is part of a larger cycle of transitions that started back in the fall of 2021.

What is a new moon?  It is about a fresh start and creating something new for your future. This is a great time to meditate and turn within. Beginnings are about a new cycle, but an old cycle needs to come to an end for a new one to start. It’s a time to think about what we desire and set intentions to manifest those desires. The new Moon is also called a dark Moon, meaning you have the ability to see in the dark with intuition; the mind is illuminated to find its way out of what has been bothering you. It is recommended to turn inward and meditate.

What is a solar eclipse? The solar eclipse is when the Moon blocks the rays of the Sun to the earth. This is critical as the Moon and the Sun are the two luminaries and the blockage of light from the Sun impacts our vitality, sense of self, power, and physical constitution. It’s not uncommon to feel down, under the weather, and search for meaning in your life during this time.

What is Swati? This is a nakshatra ruled by Rahu and is symbolized by a blade of grass swaying in the wind, representing independence. Given this nakshatra is in an air sign, it’s about communication and having control over what’s spoken. People born in this nakshatra can be great politicians, as they can move whichever way the wind blows, in which they can change directions with their speech depending on their audience and who they are talking to. Being in the sign of Venus, all about beauty, creativity, arts, and writing, this nakshatra brings a strong proclivity for materialism and consumerism, which once realized that desire can never be completely satisfied, will turn the person to let go of material pursuits in search of something higher and more fulfilling.

Putting this all together…….the new moon solar eclipse is in the Aries – Libra axis, and is conjunct the Sun, Venus and the south node, Ketu. Relationships, personal and professional, contracts, negotiations, work, business –  anything that has to do with how we connect to other people are impacted.  You may feel an imbalance in life, sudden surges and depletions of spiritual energy, as Libra is all about balance, but to attain equilibrium, we have to give up something.  Ketu will further enhance the feeling of letting go, just be aware of its repercussions.

This year, the solar eclipse coincides with the Indian holiday of Diwali, which is the festival of lights, honoring the triumph of lightness over darkness. It’s time when we attempt to let go of our inner demons that have been hovering over us to celebrate and create our own luminescence.  This is a perfect time to manifest and create rituals for ourselves that will optimally serve us in what lays ahead.