Saturn Goes Direct

by | Oct 23, 2022

Saturn goes direct in the nakshatra (star) of Dhanista. Let’s see what the patterns in the skies are telling us!

What is Saturn? Saturn is the slowest of all the planets (excluding what’s called the outer planets – Neptune, Uranus and Pluto). It’s about delays, setbacks, problems, depression and our fears. Saturn is one of the reasons we can feel at our lowest. He brings us our karma, responsibilities, and makes us do our due diligence. The “bright” side of Saturn gives us resilience, persistence and perseverance during our darkest times.

What does going direct mean? The prolonged retrograde energy starts to even out and will SLOWLY go back to its normal flow, meaning our minds won’t feel overwhelmed and frazzled with coming to grips that the old way of life doesn’t exist anymore. The clarity that was coming through the last couple of months has paved way to a realization and epiphany that things won’t be the same anymore. All the thinking that went on the last couple of months finally moves forward and there’s no holding back.

What is Dhanista? This is an intense Mars ruled nakshatra that brings things to focus and to the forefront.  Dhanista is symbolized by a drum or flute . A drum brings rhythm, and is about being in the right place at the right time. But both a drum and flute are hollow instruments, leading to a sense of emptiness and not feeling complete. Mars allows us to be a spiritual warrior with a greater cause.

Putting this all together…………..Saturn will be aspecting the signs Pisces, Cancer and Libra. In Libra, Saturn will be aspecting Sun, Venus and Ketu, and helps to move forward delays and prolonged deliberation in career, business, love and relationships. Be aware that sometimes the way you move forward is by letting go of what didn’t work, which was what you were trying to battle during Saturn’s retrograde. You have probably been forced out of your comfort zone, and you’ll either be making major adjustments or finding a new sanctuary. Saturn will make you feel like you cleaned out your closets, with the closet being your mind. You would have purged out the old and will slowly usher in the new.