Shopping In The Stars

What is an astrology reading? This is a snapshot of where the planets, signs, and stars were when you were born and is a window into your soul’s journey. The specific placement of the planets at the time you were born has had a critical impact on you, helping create the person you have become. It contains powerful information about the types of energies created at your exact moment of birth and is the key to unlocking the mysteries of your personality!

If you have come upon something in your life that you can’t make sense of, are transitioning (new job, getting married, big move), or just feeling like you need direction, a natal chart reading is definitely a great starting point. After the first look at your chart, Tahia creates your astrological profile – looking at the many layers of cosmic energies and integrating them into stories related to your life. After your session, you’ll have a deeper understanding of who you are, and how to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. By understanding your unique cosmic blueprint, you create self-awareness to experience the universe.

Natal chart

Deep dive into who you are, your personality, psychology and different areas of your life. Think of this as your own personal playbook. Explains how the planets influence your personality, emotions, ambitions (career choices), the type of experience you seek in relationships and people you are drawn to


Understand what’s going on today and tomorrow


Got a quick question? Will this relationship go anywhere? When will I get a job?

Moon readings

What is your moon sign. How do you relate to others Understand transformational insights into your personality

Nodal axis

Understanding your past life and karma

Solar returns

(aka varshaphal/birthday reading)

Sun returns to the same place you were born each year (many happy returns!). Usually done around your birthday to understand what the following year will bring (the twelve-month period starting on your birthday)

Relationship compatibility

This can be a love interest, best friend, family member or business partner. Understanding how you and your partner relate to one another. What are you strengths and challenges. Understand why you get along and support each other

Pet astrology

How are you and your pet compatible. The moon sign of both you and your pet will give light on how you both get along and bond