Sun in Sagittarius

by | Dec 16, 2022

The Sun moves to the sign of Sagittarius on December 16. This is good news as Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is a friend of the Sun’s. The Sun represents our self, sense of identity, leadership, authority, confidence, power. Sagittarius is the natural ninth house and encompasses truth and justice. It is symbolized by half man, half horse holding a bow and arrow, targeting a specific direction and indicating a need for purpose. The Sun here has strength and power to focus on his mission and can make personal sacrifices for what’s right.

The Sun will move into Mula nakshatra, which is ruled by Ketu. Ketu is an enemy to the Sun, so although the Sun in Sagittarius is in a friend’s sign, it is not in a friendly nakshatra. Mula is symbolized by roots, and it means taking things apart and putting them back together. The Sun has strength to rebuild itself, but with Ketu’s influence, it will do so by letting go of the tangible to embrace something bigger. It can destroy what’s existing to get to plant new roots to move forward.

The Sun will also cross what’s called a “gadanta” point between Scorpio and Sagittarius. A planet that goes through this transition struggles, as it leaves the emotional and intense sign of Scorpio to enter the fiery and righteous sign of Sagittarius. These are tried waters it needs to swim through before it gets to the other side. It is through the struggle of the gandanta point, the Sun realizes it needs to let go of what is meaningless to embrace something that will redirect it to the truth. Because the Sun is one of the faster moving planets, this transition is only a day and so the discomfort should not last long. It is not recommended to start anything new during this time, as we can gain clarity for what needs to change when new terrain is reached. Once the Sun is stabilized between 2-3  degrees of Sagittarius, it regains its strength.

The Sun will also be with Venus and Mercury, but they will be in the nakshatra PurvaAshada, which is ruled by Venus. So the Sun’s influence will be felt for a while, and will use its strength and confidence to plow through its agenda. All three planets will be aspected by a retrograde Mars’ eighth aspect and Rahu’s ninth aspect. Mars is a friend of the Sun, so his energy will help the Sun through its mission. Mars  is neutral to Venus and an enemy to Mercury, so relationships can still have some adversity for the rest of the month, being marred by harsh and erratic communication.

PurvaAshada follows the destruction caused by Mula, in which we uprooted something and now have the chance to replant for a new beginning after weeding out what did not work. Although this is a Venus ruled nakshatra, Venus’ transit here can be somewhat troublesome as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who is not a friend to Venus. The same goes for Mercury, a friend to Venus but an enemy to Jupiter. So while planting the seeds, one may need to nurture more than expected, with the hope that they can sow what they reap in the year to come.

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