Sun Transits to Libra

by | Oct 17, 2022

Sun transits to Libra in the nakshatra (star) of Chitra. Let’s see what this means in the cosmos!

What is the Sun? It is the father, our soul, our sense of purpose for living. The Sun is the king of the zodiac and emits the most powerful rays to give us life. Wherever the Sun is in our charts and depending on how strong it is, is where we feel overpowered, and hence most vulnerable.

What is Libra? A Venus ruled sign, Libra is represented by scales, indicating a desire for peace and balance. A movable air sign, it’s a social sign that wants to communicate and connect with others, open to change if that’s what ensures harmony.  Opposite Aries (which is about the self), Libra is about OTHERS, and is also the sign of the politician, wanting to be diplomatic in its approach to appease all parties.

What is Chitra? Called the “bright one,” this is the nakshatra star of opportunity, whose symbol is the pearl or large gem. It represents the celestial architect that creates the universe. Ruled by Mars, there is a lot of passion and determination in this sign, driven in different directions, depending if it’s in the sign of Gemini or Libra. In Gemini, there is a strong Martian energy towards being goal oriented with organization, methodology and precision. In Taurus, the passion is towards the arts, beauty, music, fashion and creativity. This is about letting your work on others shine, more than letting yourself shine. Common career paths here are stylists, public relations, architects – people who like to create and make others look good.

Putting this all together… the Sun moves into Libra, it is in its sign of debilitation. Why? The Sun is about itself, the ego, body, power, authority, and our sense of self. Libra is about others, and in Libra, the Sun can make us be concerned with how we are perceived by others at the cost to ourselves. The Sun, a leader, tends to lose its desire for authority and feels a sense of powerlessness and starts channeling its usual independent energy through groups. This is especially enhanced as the Sun will be conjunct Ketu, the south node, and will have even a greater sense to release the ego to search for something bigger than ourselves. However, this transit will not be for long, as Venus enters Libra on October 18, lifting the Sun’s debilitation.