Three Planets in Scorpio

by | Nov 16, 2022

Come November 16, we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the natural eighth house of the zodiac, related to the metaphysical (astrology, tarot, psychic abilities), sex, transformation, death and rebirth, ups and downs. Wherever Scorpio is in our charts is where we are inclined to control, dominate, have secrets and are obsessed.

This will be a fast transit and is good news for all the planets, as they are out of the nodal axis and away from the south node, Ketu. The Sun especially is out of its sign of debilitation and has been severely impacted the last few weeks. It now has some relief, as communication eases up and you will feel stronger about your well being and physical constitution. All planets are directly impacted by Mars’ aspect in Taurus and Jupiters’ aspect from Pisces. This will give lots of energy and desire to heal from the over the top eclipse season. You can start to feel a sense of renewal.

Mercury is not happy in its enemy sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars, leading us to rush through emotional decisions as Scorpio is a water sign.  Scorpio is intense and intuitive and Mercury is analytical and wants answers, so the flip side is that we can go deep into understanding and analyzing information. Venus and Mars are exchanging signs (parivartana yoga), meaning the energies between the two planets are flowing from one to the other.  There will be a planetary war for a week between Venus and Mercury, which can cause some small disputes. Lastly, the planets will sequentially go through what’s called gadanta (last degree of a water sign to the first degree of a fire sign) the first half of December, causing some sense of feeling overwhelmed. First Mercury will be gadanta, followed by Venus and the Sun. The good news is that these are fast moving planets, so this feeling shouldn’t last too long. Overall, this transit should bring relief compared to last month’s eclipses!