Venus in Capricorn

by | Dec 28, 2022

Venus enters Capricorn December 28 and moves to Aquarius January 22, 2023. Venus is the planet of love and beauty and when residing in Saturn ruled Capricorn exercises vigilance and steadiness in relationships. Venus is a friend to Saturn, as the energy of both planets is about other people. Venus is about security and balance in relationships and Saturn is about diligence and determination. Saturn helps Venus take a cautious approach to relationships and not rush through things.

However, in doing so, Saturn can give Venus an aloofness and sense of coldness in his approach, as he’s more concerned about long term results and delayed gratification.  Venus in Capricorn is about relationships taking a serious turn, for better or worse, and evaluating the reality of what’s going on and if it is worth moving forward. It can make you value actions over talk, and base decisions on what is working for you or not. It is recognizing our inner sense of worth and evaluating if our current situation is in our best interest.

Venus will also conjunct Pluto December 31, NYE and can bring about further shifts in relationships. Pluto has a dark side, ruling power, obsession, betrayal, transformation. Its conjunction can be intense in Capricorn. On a mundane level, it can create an alliance for power or a massive breakdown in organizations. On a personal level, it can take relationships to another level by having deep conversations that can make or break it. Pluto isn’t about touching the surface, it’s about digging deep into painful conversations which may lead to the need to unplug.

Venus is in Uttarashada, ruled by the Sun, its enemy. These two planets are inimical to one another because they have different agendas. The Sun is only concerned about me, myself and I and Venus is all about others. So this transit with Pluto, Sun and Saturn influences can create challenges dominated with a need for trust and diplomacy. Uttarashada is symbolized by the elephant tusk, indicating removing obstacles in your path, but can be invasive and piercing to do so. It’s not all bad, and with any trials and tribulations, you can have some deep epiphanies on how you would like to proceed forward and once problems are removed, you will emerge victorious.

Thankfully, the Venus Pluto conjunction only lasts one day, interestingly enough, it’s NYE.

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