Venus in Libra and Ketu in Swati

by | Oct 18, 2022

Venus transits to Libra in the nakshatra (star) of Chitra and Ketu moves into Swati.  Let’s see what’s in store for the cosmos!

What is Venus?  Venus is THE planet of love and beauty, and is about the power of attraction and the creative force within us. It is about the luxuries and comforts of life, and is the indicator of the wife in a man’s chart and of relationships in general.

What is Libra?  A Venus ruled sign, Libra is represented by scales, indicating a desire for peace and balance. A movable air sign, it’s a social sign that wants to communicate and connect with others, open to change if that’s what ensures harmony.  Opposite Aries (which is about the self), Libra is about OTHERS, and is also the sign of the politician, wanting to be diplomatic in its approach to appease all parties.

What is Chitra? Called the “bright one,” this is the nakshatra star of opportunity, whose symbol is the pearl or large gem. It represents the celestial architect that creates the universe. Ruled by Mars, there is a lot of passion and determination in this sign, driven in different directions, depending if it’s in the sign of Gemini or Libra. In Gemini, there is a strong Martian energy towards being goal oriented with organization, methodology and precision. In Taurus, the passion is towards the arts, beauty, music, fashion and creativity. This is about letting your work on others shine, more than letting yourself shine. Common career paths here are stylists, public relations, architects – people who like to create and make others look good.

What is Ketu? Ketu is the south node of the moon, and is all about letting go, renunciation, liberation of the soul. Where Ketu is located in our chart is where we find what part of our life is unfulfilled and missing, and a strange yearning to come back to it in attempt to resolve it, as there is familiarity in comfort.

What is Swati? This is a nakshatra ruled by Rahu and is symbolized by a blade of grass swaying in the wind, representing independence. Given this nakshatra is in an air sign, it’s about communication and having control over what’s spoken. People born in this nakshatra can be great politicians, as they can move whichever way the wind blows, in which they can change directions with their speech depending on their audience and who they are talking to. Being in the sign of Venus, all about beauty, creativity, arts, and writing, this nakshatra brings a strong proclivity for materialism and consumerism, which once the realized that the desire can never be completely satisfied, will turn the person to let go of material pursuits in search of something higher and more fulfilling. As Ketu moves into Swati,  you can feel an imbalance in life, sudden surges and depletions of spiritual energy, as Libra is all about balance, but to attain equilibrium, we have to give up something.

Putting this all together …….. Venus is no longer debilitated as it moves to its own sign of Libra, but will be combust the Sun during its transit. Love, relationships, sense of self and identity (anything and everything that Venus and the Sun rules) will be challenged during this time, especially since both these planets will be conjunct Ketu, creating a strong sense of detachment and release. Release from what? From someone or something that you feel you are not getting fulfillment or satisfaction from. This can be in the simplest form, relationships and career. On a higher level, not receiving fulfillment can result in letting go to find self realization.  It’s worth mentioning that the two signs ruled by Venus, Taurus and Libra are impacted by malefics, Sun, Mars (when it goes retrograde back into Taurus at the end of the month) and Ketu. Both Venus’s signs of rulership are air signs, indicating this will be a time of communication mishaps. Relationships can be tested during this time, with a strong desire and need to express what you are not happy with. Just make sure you say things consciously and with deliberation.