Mars in Ardra

by | Mar 26, 2023

Mars is the planet of action, courage, passion, motivation and signifies our vitality. It’s the commander of the army and loves to lead. It also represents land and real estate. Mars rules Aries (natural 1st  house of the zodiac, the initiator) and Scorpio (natural 8th house, death and transformation). It is interesting to note that while the first house is about beginnings, the eighth house is about change and transformation, which alludes to endings.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, representing sales, writing, siblings, our thinking process and travels. Wherever Mercury is in our charts indicates how and why we communicate the way we do. Some of us communicate analytically, and others, intuitively. Mercury is currently transiting its sign of debilitation (Pisces) which by itself is a struggle and creates frustrations for Mars as the two planets are inimical to one another. Mercury’s agenda is through words and intellect while Mars’ focus is driven through actions. Mars does not have the patience to go through analytics and deliberation, he is more about thinking on your feet to make a decision.  In addition, Mars is aspected by transiting Ketu in Libra, agitating its position. The exact aspect takes place on April 5, so be aware of unexpected events taking place that day. This may be more on a global level than personal, but it is always good to be cognizant of this situation. Mars also aspects the signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn, where Pluto is transiting. This can result in reactivity, impulsiveness and hastiness.

The nakshatra Ardra is ruled by the north node, Rahu. As Rahu is the head of the serpent, it has no body, so whatever it takes in has nowhere to be digested. We end up constantly yearning for more. This vicious cycle leads us to feel fulfilled, but in actuality, we are running on empty. As Rahu is also about obsessions, thoughts can constantly be ruminating and unfinished. Furthermore, Rahu is transiting through Aries (ruled by Mars) in the nakshatra of Ashwini, ruled by Ketu. So we see lots of nodal energy and Mars moving together, which can create sparks to fly and the unexpected to happen.

Ardra is symbolized by teardrop, and Mars in Ardra can result in transformation through turmoil and tragedy. Mars is not comfortable in Gemini to begin with, as it is ruled by Mercury, his enemy.  Mars can be inclined to steer his energy in the wrong direction, resulting in violent or aggressive actions. Mars can produce an individual whose thoughts are so intense that channel their internal demons through physical aggression and brutality. The energy of Mars and Rahu is a powerful, intense combination for physical strength, speaking one’s mind, overcoming enemies, standing up for oneself, and ultimately being a spiritual warrior. However, Mars placed in Rahu’s nakshatras can use those forces destructively and recklessly, wreaking havoc and disturbance in an individual’s life.

Mars will be transiting through Ardra until April 22, when it will get some relief moving into Punarvasu, which means “return of the light,” after the turbulence brought from Ardra.

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