October Transits

by | Oct 1, 2022

October is a big month! Lots of changes in the stars, with a new moon partial solar eclipse at the end of the month! And don’t forget, the first ten days of the month have a heavy Saturn Uranus final square (sudden breakdown of problems that will ultimately create change to move forward, aka things will finally REALLY unravel to pave the way and on a larger scale, this can cause earthquakes). There will also be concentrated energy in Libra as four planets will be in Libra by the end of the month (Ketu, Sun, Venus and Mercury).

October 2 Mercury goes direct in Virgo, signifying moving forward in situations and communications that were initially held back or in a holding pattern

October 8 Pluto goes direct in Capricorn, giving you a chance to take your power back that’s been withheld for months

October 9 Full moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter provides healing energy in closure and endings to open up new doors

October 10 Sun transits to Libra with Ketu (south node), indicating the desire and need to release the ego, as this is the Sun’s sign of debilitation

October 11 Mercury directly opposes Jupiter for the third and final time this year, so expect a final metamorphosis in your personal philosophy (until the next time this aspect hits!).

October 16 Mars transits Gemini, bringing curiosity and the power to act on ideas.

October 17 Ketu transits to Swati nakshatra, ruled by Rahu. This will be yet another intense period of creating your own footprint to create balance and stability from within

October 18 Venus transits to Libra, its own sign, where it will be with the Sun and Ketu, finding solace through balance, humility and humbleness

October 23 Saturn moves direct in Capricorn. This final transit in Capricorn will give the power to complete something that has been going in circles for the last couple of months. You’ll finally move on to a new phase with a sense of resolution and be able to reap the rewards of the work you’ve been doing

October 25 Partial solar eclipse with the Moon in Libra in Swati nakshatra. Eclipses usually bring to light what has been hidden, in this case, relationships, as Venus will be eclipsed by the Sun

October 26 Mercury transits to Libra, where it will be with Ketu, Sun, and Venus. Lots of Libra energy here!

October 27 Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces

October 30 Mars goes retrograde (starts in Gemini and moves to Taurus), signifying an economic recession. More details to come with each transit!