Full Moon in Pisces

by | Oct 9, 2022

There is a full Moon in Pisces in the nakshatra (star) of Revati, conjunct Jupiter.

What is the Moon? It is the fastest moving planet and ideally, likes to be alone. Conjunct another planet, it’s like a sponge to absorb that planet’s energies. So with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, spirituality, truth and prosperity, Moon becomes full of hope and optimism.

What is a full moon? This is about endings. For a new path to evolve, one road has to close. Emotions can rise high (think of the tide being higher during full moons, and given we are 80% water, it heightens our emotions). The sun and the moon are opposite each other, with the moon reflecting the sun’s light as it directly opposes and shines on it.

What is Pisces? It is a mutable water sign and the natural 12th and last sign of the zodiac. It is the most evolved water and mutable sign, meaning it is emotionally and spiritually open to change and adaptability for a higher purpose.  Pisces is symbolized with two swimming in opposite directions, almost like they are caught between two different worlds, the material and the spiritual, eventually swimming to spiritual bliss and liberation.

What is Revati? It is the last of 27 nakshatras, and is ruled by Mercury. It deals with endings, closures  and going into the next world. It is a deeply spiritual Nakshatra associated with travel and return to a higher power. The travel can be on the surface (trips) but can also refer to a spiritual voyage after not finding fulfillment in the material world.

Putting this all together……Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and so the Moon is WITH its sign ruler, giving rise to an amazing time for hope, grace and harmony. This week started with Mercury going direct and closes with Pluto going direct and a full moon – it’s all about having clarity to move forward with grace and closure. There is hope for release and surrender to let new light in.