Mercury in Capricorn

by | Feb 6, 2023

Mercury enters the Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn on February 6.  He moves to the sterner realm of Capricorn, where he thinks before he speaks versus the hastiness he experienced in Sagittarius.  Saturn, a friend to Mercury,  provides structure and framework to think before you talk.  Mercury is the messenger of the zodiac and represents sales, writing, siblings, travels and our thinking process. Wherever Mercury is in our charts indicates how and why we communicate the way we do. Some of us communicate analytically and others intuitively.

Capricorn is the most evolved of the earth signs, meaning there is a unique ability for perseverance, pioneering, and practicality. A movable sign, there is a natural flexibility to give and take. We work super hard where Capricorn is, as it is the natural tenth house of the zodiac. On a larger scale, it is indicative of governments and large organizations.  Symbolized by the crocodile, Capricorns can move around on land, but primarily reside in water, making them resistant and adaptable to change. They  are also predators, waiting in water where no one can see them until it is the right moment to strike on their prey. They are the movers and shakers of the zodiac,  rising to the top and bringing change as a result of new responsibilities and duties.

Mercury will be in the nakshatra of Uttarashada in Capricorn.  Uttarashada is ruled by the Sun and is symbolized by the elephant tusk, which represents removing obstacles in our path. If you think of elephant tusks, they are large and pointy, so the process of elimination can be invasive and piercing. Like any trials and tribulations, you will have some deep epiphanies on how you would like to proceed forward and will emerge victorious once problems are resolved. The Sun symbolizes leaders and authority and Uttarashada relates to searching for power and dominance through perseverance and hard work.

Mercury’s transit in Capricorn will be a quick one; he will move into the sign of Aquarius on February 27. During this time, there can be changes in how organizations and governments relate to their employees. After the enormous layoffs of the last couple of months, people have begun to redefine what makes them happy as job security is fleeting and an illusion.  With Pluto in its early degrees of Capricorn, Mercury can continue to shake up our governments, organizations and leadership to transform how they communicate to the masses. People may move towards agility and nimbleness after discovering a matrixed organization truly does not serve its purpose (think Elon Musk creating a flatter Twitter). With less layers between, communications become leaner and more agile, with leaders responding versus reacting to change.

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