Sun in Aquarius

by | Feb 12, 2023

The Sun moved to Aquarius on February 12 and was conjunct Saturn on February 16. The Sun is not happy in Aquarius, as Saturn is an enemy to the Sun.  To understand why, we have to tell the story of its Indian mythological origins.  The Sun is the brightest planet in the solar system, so bright that his rays almost blinded his wife, Sanjana. She could not bear the incredibly bright radiance of her husband and escaped to the forest for deep meditation and put a clone (to fool the Sun) in her place called Chaya, which means shadow.  The Sun was initially immune to this deception and had a son with Chaya called Saturn. Chaya went into deep penance during her pregnancy, and suffered from ill health and malnutrition,  resulting in her child (Saturn) born dark skinned and weak.  It is said that the Sun scorned Saturn when he was born, and started to doubt his appearance (which lacked his radiance) and wondered if this was his actual son. Saturn felt his father’s disappointment from birth and right from the beginning, there was discord between father and son. This is why Saturn represents separation, depression, humiliation and suffering. That is why whenever the Sun is with Saturn, there are battles in authority, power and ego. In addition, the person may not be raised by his birth father (ie, will have either no paternal influence in their upbringing or be raised by an uncle, grandfather or someone else).

The Sun will be in the nakshatra of Dhanista, symbolized by a flute or a drum. Both these instruments are hollow inside, representing sound that is played but not necessarily heard. If we translate this to an interpersonal level, it can indicate that we may not feel heard or recognized when we speak. When Saturn is close to the Sun it will exacerbate this feeling, as Saturn heightens frustration and depression. We can waver back and forth  if we should stick out a situation if it is not best for us. Venus and Neptune are also at their end of its stay in Aquarius and although they are degree wise further from Sun and Saturn, they can contribute to a sense of coldness and aloofness in relationships. Neptune represents fog and deception and conjunct Venus, can literally create  cloudiness around relationships. Neptune can make you have rose colored glasses on and you will see what you want to see versus your reality.

The Sun is the center of the universe and is about himself. Saturn humbles himself to the servants and is about the people, which is why he is exalted in Libra, the sign of balance. Saturn is also a servant leader because he cares about equality among the masses. This transit can also widen the gap between leaders and followers, giving rise to changes in governments and organizations.

The Sun will stay in Aquarius until March 15, when it moves into a much friendlier sign of Pisces, owned by Jupiter, a friend to the Sun.

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