New Moon in Aquarius

by | Feb 19, 2023

On February 19, there is a new Moon in Aquarius in the nakshatra of Shatabhisha. This new Moon is very close to Saturn, who started his transit in Aquarius last month. The new Moon is about new beginnings, but like all beginnings, something has to end first. Beginnings and endings are two sides of the same coin and are a continual process, showing the evolution of ourselves. The Moon reflects a cyclical process, given its round shape, with ebbs and flows through its waxing and waning phases. The Moon drives the ups and downs through the month and gives rise to our emotional rollercoasters. The Moon represents water, and just like the tides that come and go, our emotions can also have rises and peaks.

The new Moon is in the sign of Aquarius,  an air sign that is about socialization.  It is symbolized by a man holding a jug of water, in which water reflects social growth. The natural eleventh house of the zodiac, it is also the sign of humanity, reflecting our expansion through communication in networks and groups. The most evolved of all the air signs, Aquarians are incredibly deep thinkers, with a strong desire to make an impact on a larger scale and global level. The shadow side is they can have a grandiose need to impress others at all costs, being lured to deviate past their natural boundaries to reach tall heights. As Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, there is detachment from their surroundings and loved ones with a need for isolation.

Satabhisha means the “one hundred healers” and is focused on healing. It is symbolized by an empty circle, representing an understanding (or a lack) of boundaries and an illusion of self containment. The circle can force us to step out of ourselves to see how others perceive us, demanding us to look at a raw version of ourselves, good or bad.  The Moon here can make a person consistently yearn for more without ever being satisfied with what they have.  Ketu aspects the Moon, enhancing that feeling of emptiness. Ketu is the south Node of the Moon, and is represented by having no head, so is constantly searching for what we do not have. Shatabisha is ruled by Rahu, which is currently transiting through Aries. Nakshatras ruled by Rahu or Ketu tend to be very intense and focused and can make a person be almost obsessed with what they are going through. Remember, Rahu is material focused, in which there is constant dissatisfaction and a yearning for more, with a vicious cycle of emptiness.  In this case, there can be dissatisfaction with one’s social standing and a desire to be accepted more.

The Moon provides cycles of our lives and with influences from the nodes, these rhythms can be powerful and draining, leaving us to feel restless and hungry for what we feel we cannot do without. Saturn’s aspect can exacerbate these emotions, leaving us detached from our surroundings. This can lead to very low energy as Satabhisha is about healing. It is not uncommon to feel extreme fatigue and be under the weather, especially with the Moon and Sun so close to Saturn. The Moon is our emotions and the Sun is our vitality, so expect to feel emotionally depleted.

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