Saturn in Aquarius

by | Jan 17, 2023

On January 17, Saturn enters Aquarius and will be here until March 29, 2025 when it moves into Pisces. Saturn stays in a sign for two and a half years and will teach us lessons in respect to the sign and house it is in. In general, wherever Saturn goes will bring a change for the better by shaking things up and creating turmoil. Opportunities may present themselves but not without great efforts and adversity.   Saturn will make you work very hard and give great rewards, but this will also depend on its aspects and conjunctions to natal planets.

Aquarius is an air sign, which is about socialization.  It is symbolized by a man holding a jug of water, with water reflecting social growth. The natural eleventh house of the zodiac, it is also the sign of humanity, reflecting our growth through communication in networks and groups. The most evolved of all the air signs, these individuals are incredibly deep thinkers, with a strong desire to make impacts on a larger scale and global level. The shadow side of this is they can have a grandiose need to impress others at all costs, being lured to deviate past their natural boundaries to reach tall heights.

Saturn in Aquarius will teach us lessons and break foundations to better humanity. Aquarius is the natural eleventh house, so Saturn can change our groups, networks and desires if they are not serving us and rebuild the foundation around us. It can break barriers and set new boundaries, forcing us to let go of old patterns. Like any Saturn transit, you will feel like you are suffering in silence because the loneliness Saturn creates will isolate you from those around. Saturn will remake you and build a stronger, better version of yourself to deal with the world and your place in it.

Saturn will be in the nakshatra of Dhanista, ruled by Mars and brings things to focus and to the forefront.  Dhanista is symbolized by a drum or flute; a drum brings rhythm and is about being in the right place at the right time. But both a drum and flute are hollow instruments, leading to a sense of emptiness and not feeling complete. Saturn here can intensify that sense of vacancy, as Saturn is about separation and detachment. A well placed   Saturn will make you persevere, while one that is ill placed will make you give up during adversity.

If you are old enough, think back 30 years to 1993 and what was going on in your life. That same theme will most likely be repeated in the next two and a half years. If you are going through a Saturn dasa or bukti, these results will be heightened.

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