Venus in Aquarius

by | Jan 22, 2023

On January 22, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius where it is conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees and will be in the nakshatra of Dhanishta.

Venus is the planet of love, ruling relationships with those around us. It drives our sense of security and governs our decision making process, as Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the natural second house of the zodiac, ruling our speech, throat, and values; it’s about what we put in our mouth (food and drink) and what comes out of our mouth (speech). Libra is the natural seventh house, ruling relationships with others, either personal or professional. Venus is the counselor and diplomat, helping us make decisions and influencing the decisions of others. It creates our sense of self worth and when badly afflicted, puts us in degrading or insulting situations. Venus provides strength in recovering from painful traumas and changes in life.

Although Venus and Saturn are friendly, Saturn can create a sense of coldness, so when the planet of love mixes with this sentiment, it leads to feelings of detachment. You may feel you have to work extra hard at your relationships, because Aquarius, the sign of humanity, opposes Leo, the sign of the self. Saturn, the planet of separation, puts us at odds with those around us. The flip side is that Saturn can also help us persevere through this time, pushing us through to resolve our issues and help see togetherness is stronger than estrangement, representing growth through relationships.  Remember, Saturn also rules death and one of our highest growths comes through death (whether an actual physical or spiritual death). Saturn is exalted in the Venus ruled sign of Libra and Venus is thus responsible for providing this growth. Venus and Saturn will be aspected by Ketu in Libra, further emphasizing the strain on relationships and a battle between yourself and others.

Both Saturn and Venus will be in the nakshatra of Dhanista ruled by Mars. Saturn and Mars are enemies, so Saturn is frustrated here and feels stuck. Venus is neutral (neither friend nor enemy) and the energy of Mars creates passion, but Saturn will put the brakes on it, creating a stance. Dhanista is represented by a flute or drum. These are both hollow instruments, indicating there is a sense of emptiness within. Although both these instruments make sounds, we may not hear the sounds, meaning we do not listen to our inner voice. So if we let it, this period can represent growth for our own self awareness and conscience.

Venus will leave Aquarius February 14 (Valentine’s Day) and be conjunct Neptune at 29 degrees (more to come on that fun transit!)

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