Full Moon in Gemini

by | Jan 6, 2023

On January 6, 2023, we have the first full Moon of the year! The Moon will be in Gemini in the nakshatra of Punavarsu. The Moon will be opposed by Mercury and aspected by Ketu. Gemini is ruled by Mercury so this full Moon will be strengthened by Mercury’s opposition.

The natural third sign of the zodiac, Gemini is a dual air sign and is represented by twins. This social sign loves sharing information and facts. Gemini is all about communication, flexibility and adaptability. They are intellectual and expressive, but can be fickle, struggling to make up their mind as they can see different sides to a situation. They thrive on change, movement and travel.

Ketu’s aspect to the full Moon can make you highly psychic and intuitive to your surroundings. Ketu represents isolation, and aspecting the Moon can lead to feeling you are not a part of something bigger. Ketu will be aspecting the Moon from Libra, so relationships can be mulled over, and you may think some sort of spark in your relationship has faded or is absent.

Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter and means return of the light or hope. Since this  nakshatra follows Ardra, symbolized by a teardrop, Punarvarsu indicates the journey to enlightenment after destruction. The journey is often a purification and regeneration of the soul and is much needed after the storms and chaos that Ardra brought.  Purnavarsu  is symbolized by a bow and a quiver with arrows, representing having resources available to feel safe and secure to protect oneself. It is about understanding that permanence is short lived and there is always hope and optimism for tomorrow.

Whatever hurdles and challenges you went through in 2022, this year can be one of restoration, resurgence and promise for renewal. Use this time in the beginning of the year to manifest what you want for 2023. Think of this full Moon as an opportunity to start over, like a new chapter.

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