Mercury Goes Retrograde

by | Apr 21, 2023

Mercury retrograde lasts from April 21 to May 16 and will consist of the usual hiccups with technology, as well as disruptions in communication. It’s easy to say things when our buttons are pushed, which tends to happen when Mars and Mercury exchange their energies in each other’s houses’ and is called a “parivartana yoga.” Mars in Gemini ruled by Mercury and Mercury in Aries ruled by Mars.

Mercury is about communication and Mars is about action. So when the energies of these two planets are combined, sparks can fly, especially since Mercury is in the nakshatra of Bharani. Bharani is the third nakshatra, is ruled by Venus and is symbolized by the womb. It signifies creativity, sexuality, and the cycle of birth and death. It refers to outgrowing processes with the need to be reborn and can cause major breakthroughs and transformations. With Mercury in Bharani, conjunct Uranus and Rahu, there can be breakthroughs in communication and technology.

Mercury and Mars are inimical or enemies to one another in Vedic Astrology, as their agendas are completely different. Mercury is about precision, analytics and deliberation and Mars is about quick thinking, agility and nimbleness. Together, they can lead to agitation, frustration and impulsiveness, which is strengthened by Mercury going retrograde. People can say things without thinking and can be reckless. Remember, the tongue has no bones but can break the soul.

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